Merry Porter, LMSW

Clinical Social Worker

I am a highly experienced therapist who comes from a holistic perspective – that is, all aspects of a person’s life are significant. It is my intention that you experience a sense of being understood and cared for. I especially enjoy helping you find inner resources to understand and resolve your own difficulties. It is a tremendous relief to experience the ability to manage your busy, distracted mind, to calm overwhelming emotions, or to escape the constant distraction of chronic pain for the first time, through a specific blend of mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy. I would love to see you turn painful experiences into increased strength, or transform anxiousness into confidence. As you discover your capacity to successfully manage your life challenges, you will feel empowered to love well in the world. I am also a Methodist minister, and I am qualified to discuss questions pertaining to a wide range of theological perspectives and scriptures.

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