Advanced Behavioral Medicine arose from the union of a traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy with basic neuroscience, medical diagnosis, marital and family therapy, cognitive therapy and behavioral therapies. Our director, Dr. Matossian, also takes special interest in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

We value effective and efficient treatments, while avoiding the trap of using this as an excuse for poor quality care. We believe great care is provided when great care is taken, from the first phone contact to checking on people after their case has been closed. We will put the time in up front to try and understand fully the problems in your life, so we may provide exactly the type and amount of help you want and need.

Our clinical staff is a highly select and experienced group of doctoral and master's level psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists. Whether your solution will require cognitive therapy, family systems therapy, trauma recovery, mindfulness training, exposure and response prevention therapy, relaxation training, EMDR, or traditional psychodynamic therapy for childhood trauma, we have the expertise to select the right treatment and make it work for you.

Recommendations for medication are based upon careful consideration of individual objectives, genetics, temperament, and physical functioning. If indicated, medication management is provided by a Board Certified Psychiatrist with exceptional knowledge and experience. Our psychiatrists are brain science experts, but also psychotherapists who will supply only the amount and type of medicines that are necessary and justified.

A new and exciting treatment for resistant depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation, came to our clinic in 2019. By gently stimulating the growth of connections in the brain, TMS has safely restored healthy function and optimism to many people who were not reached by medication and psychotherapy. Based on solid science, TMS opens an entirely new dimension in our thinking and approach to chronic major depression and many other functional brain disorders.

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