Annette Tremba, LLP

Limited License Psychologist

I am a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, master’s degree in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology. My approach is eclectic and collaborative, tailored to meet the needs of each individual person. I bring over 17 years of experience working with teens and adults to assist you in the rewards of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to allow the change that you desire. The primary reason individuals seek therapy is to change something about themselves or their lives. Neuroplasticity, the concept of changing the brain through repeated beliefs, ideas, thoughts and behaviors, is the core mechanism of therapy, and requires a commitment of time and energy. I have many tools in my toolbox that have been refined to help you achieve the change that you desire. I bring cognitive reframing, mindfulness, problem solving, assertiveness training and insight building. Positive change is a journey that needs a commitment to the process of therapy, please contact me to start your journey. I have experience working with Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Depression, ADHD, Grief and Loss, Life Transition and Stress Management. I am accepting of all.

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