Mary Anne O'Connell, LMSW

Clinical Social Worker

She received her MSW from University of Michigan and her BA - Education degree from Anna Maria College in Massachusetts.

In her work as a therapist, she treats people from middle school age to older adults. She is skilled in addressing successfully the following mental health issues: depression, anxieties, including panic attacks, social anxiety disorders, OCD, and Bi-polar disorder. There are many different treatment modalities and she uses CBT, DBT, Narrative, and mindfulness relaxation. She approaches a person's issues using the person's history, assessment and analysis to design a course of treatment to target troubling symptoms and feelings that are likely to result in changes of behavior and provide new understanding and perspectives. Other positions held were in the area of TV Production, Executive Education Management, adult education, Ethics for High School Seniors and fifth grade. Interests include cooking, food history, figure skating competitions, and traveling.

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