Pandemic Precautions

Please help us keep you safe!

At Advanced Behavioral Medicine we are responding proactively to the challenges of the Covid19 illness. Our efforts aim to reduce exposure to airborne and surface/contact transmission.

Contact/surface precautions
We are avoiding and discouraging direct contact between individuals in our office, including hand shaking. We have made sanitizer available in dispensers at key points in the building, and we are sanitizing and washing our hands before and after every encounter. Any equipment we use, including the TMS chair and equipment, is sanitized before each use.

Airborne disease precautions
We are also practicing social distancing techniques, including spreading out and reducing seating in the waiting room, reducing the number of appointments scheduled in the office, and staggering the start times for appointments. For overflow seating we are using spare offices, when available, or encouraging patients to wait in their cars for us to call them by mobile to start their appointments.

Video Conference From Home
You may be able to see your doctor or psychotherapist from home via video chat. We are using The Simple, Free, and Secure Telemedicine Solution for secure telemedicine-grade video conferencing for most routine appointments. Using this service is very easy if you have a phone, PC, or Mac with a camera and Internet access. For example, to register for an appointment with Dr. Matossian, you open the web site on a Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla browser on your smartphone or computer. Enter your name, and you are placed in the virtual waiting room. The clinician will open a video chat when it is time to start the appointment. We can also call you to notify you to start the appointment, if that is more convenient.

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