Advanced Behavioral Medicine Inc. is dedicated to creating, restoring and maintaining the highest possible emotional well being, productivity, and fulfillment to the individuals, families and communities it serves.  We believe that with skill, integrity, and persistence we can help our clients achieve a more effective life adjustment and a greater degree of health, defined by paths consistent with their values and preferences.

We will provide all comers with state-of-the-art outpatient mental health services to any individual or family, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, infirmity, or political affiliation.  Our purpose is to support social, psychological, and interpersonal functioning in individuals and families affected by one or more psychiatric medical conditions other than, or in addition to, any substance abuse problem.

We will aim to serve as bridge between the patient’s support resources, including primary care physician, school, place of employment, managed care agency, and especially of his or her family, and to that end, include other family members, when appropriate, as adjuncts to the primary care delivered to an individual patient.

We will continually improve our skills, methods, and processes of service delivery, oversight, and administrative support to ensure relentless progress towards ideal service excellence.

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